Shop High Rise Creation has put its first stone in 1998 & since its inception till now It continuously achieving milestones, finding its ways by cracking road blocks. "Businesses comes into reality only when we nurture it like a baby, It needs tremendous will power, need to make hard decisions on time, It takes sweat, determination and a high amount of hard work?. We gave a beautiful shape to this dreamful journey & working today with total more than 3500+ members. 12+ individual entities, More than 105+ delivery centers across India, Pakistan & 12+ overseas. Launched our movie channel, followed by 24*7 TV Teleshopping & a cartoon channel with the series begin by 'MAHA',Formed a strong network of channel distribution. Our interest to serve our customers with at most dedication, lands us to commence our own manufacturing plant in india with the high amount of production to prevent goods shortages and maintain at most quality of the product.

We have expanded our area with time considering and accepting the required changes. We run a healthcare chain, & provide traditional services and modular therapies, treat chronic diseases, etc.

We are driven by dedication and innovation, so we try to live upto them. Our company has come a long way on the path of success through sheer diligence and integrity. Shop HRC is an employee eccentric group, People understand that in the long time run success in business can only be achieved, if a company takes adequate care of employees, customers and the society.


Shop High Rise Creation is one of the eminent teleshopping companies in Pakistan, Established in 2008 with a great team to look after the marketing and supply of the products all over the world. We believe to get into basic necessities of individual and come up with innovative daily usable household products, lifestyle products, etc.

"Shop HRC believes in keep moving rapidly by hitting milestones" we believe to go along with our customer?s needs and satisfaction. Shop HRC has a huge set up of call centers at various places which are working round the clock 24*7*365 to provide better services to our customers. We have more than 105+ delivery centers, franchise & dealers in almost 50 cities within Pakistan and we have 12+ booking & delivery centers across the globe which helps us reaching the maximum number of people to meet their needs and requirements. Our product and brand promotions are seen through television ads, newspaper ads, etc. We almost cover all national and regional channels. Shop HRC is an open organization, which welcomes customer to share their thoughts and suggestions to help us improving quality, production and delivery of products

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